Manage finances with FNB Student Account

Manage finances with FNB Student Account

It is smart to start managing finances from an early age to make sure that one learns to save and the importance of money. While most young people have hardly saved or know how to manage finances, going to study at a tertiary institution is the first place they will learn. FNB’s student account is ideal for such students.

Opening a student account at FNB is easy and it can be completed in minutes. There is no minimum balance required and the account offers pricing options that suit the student’s banking needs. There is no need to worry about extra fees that will leave students broke because there are free benefits such as cell phone banking, telephone banking, online banking and the FNB banking app. The free subscription to inContact ensures that students are able to track their transactions via SMS and e-mail.

The student account also gives students the option of applying for a student loan to finance their studies. Students who hardly carry cash can enjoy free card swipes to pay for goods and services with their debit card. Withdrawing cash through Cash@Till at participating retail stores is also free when one does not have an FNB ATM nearby. Students also have an option to redirect their bank fees to their parents’ FNB account.

The FNB student account is available to fulltime students between the ages of 18 and 25 who are studying towards a degree or diploma of at least three years at a recognised tertiary institution. Students who are permanently employed are not eligible for an FNB student account. The student account is available to both local and foreign students.

When applying for a student account, students must provide valid proof of registration or admission, proof of residence, a valid green bar-coded South African ID document and a valid study permit or temporary residence permit for foreign students. Students can apply at their nearest FNB branch or fill in the online call-me-back form. For further details, FNB can be reached on 087 575 9404 or

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