Get a quick temporary loan from FNB

temporary loan from FNB

Get a quick temporary loan from FNB

There comes a time when unforeseen expenses occur in people’s lives and they need financial assistance urgently. Paperwork and red tape is not an issue when it comes to applying for a temporary loan from FNB. Within minutes clients will know if they have been approved and just as quickly the money will be transferred into their FNB personal cheque or smart account.

This convenient and quick easy loan is open to FNB account holders who have a good credit history. The amount the client qualifies for depends on the client’s credit profile and is also subject to credit approval. The money borrowed is paid back after a month and all the client pays is an initiation fee which will depend on the client’s loan amount. Initiation fee is up to 13% of the loan value and no interest is paid if the loan is repaid within 31 days.

Once the client has been approved by FNB the money will be in their account in seconds. FNB will deduct when money the next time the client receives money in their account. The client will qualify for another loan once the full amount has been paid up. Depending on the client’s ability to repay the loan, FNB will increase the loan amount. The client can use the money to cover unforeseen expenses, pay school fees or renovate their home.

Clients can apply for the temporary loan from FNB through an FNB ATM or branch or electronically through their cell phone or online banking. Other ways to apply include filling in an online call-me-back form, calling 0861 276 937 or dialling *120*321# from a cell phone. Alternatively clients can also visit for more of FNB’s product offerings.

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