Great micro lending deals from Kadima Loans

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Great micro lending deals from Kadima Loans

It’s vital for clients to approach the right institution for the type of loan they require when applying for finance. Kadima Loans has been doing business since 1994 and their years of experience make them one of the best in the micro lending industry. Their 160 countrywide branches cater for clients’ needs all over South Africa. Operating under Bridge Loans, Kadima Loans can be trusted to take care of its clients.

Kadima Loans sends their clients loan applications to registered third party institutions. This eliminates paperwork for clients as Kadima Loans does it for them. All applications are subject to pre-approval so it is vital that clients have a clear credit record. Once approved clients can use the money to pay medical bills, finance a wedding or holiday or consolidate debts.

To qualify for a loan with Kadima Loans, clients must be South African residents, be permanently employed and over the age of 18 years with a bank account into which their monthly salary is deposited. Clients must also provide three months’ bank statements, proof of income and residence. Clients will get a loan which they qualify for, and therefore might sometimes get approved for a lesser amount than they applied for.

Kadima Loans eliminate the hassle of finding the right lender by taking the task on their clients’ behalf, ensuring that they find a reliable lender that is suitable for their clients’ needs. To get in touch with Kadima and get further information on their loan products, clients can call 082 412 0425.

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