Get a loan anytime using FNB revolving loan

Get a loan anytime using FNB revolving loan

Nothing beats being able to have cash at one’s disposal at any time especially if there is no long application processes required. Applying a loan is what people do when they are in a financial crisis and it is even better when having a loan that can be refinanced. This is exactly what happens when clients have an active revolving loan from FNB.

Being at the core of South Africa’s mainstream banking and assisting countless South Africans daily, FNB strives to keep its clients happy at all times. Applying for a revolving loan has never been easier, and clientele’s convenience plays a major role in a product such as the revolving loan. There are no set terms and a low monthly fee of R40 is what clients pay and no other charges until clients use the funds.

The revolving loan makes funds available to clients any time they need it, provided that up to 15% of the revolving loan has been repaid. The fixed repayment term and loan is available to clients as long as they need it and it makes it easier for clients to not deviate from their monthly budget. An optional debt protection plan is also available to clients in case of death or permanent disability.

Clients can enjoy the convenience of quick approval and swift availability of funds into their personal cheque account. Payments can be made monthly via debit order and reliable borrowers will enjoy the fast application process and approval, making sure that they receive the funds on time. Funds can be easily transferred from the client’s revolving loan to their personal cheque account using the FNB banking app, ATMs, cell phone, telephone and online banking.

To apply for a revolving loan, clients will need to provide their green bar-coded South African ID, recent payslip, proof of residence and spousal consent if they are married in community of property. For more information about FNB’s revolving loan and other product offers clients can visit their nearest FNB branch, call 0860 327 827 or visit

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