Thuthukani Financial Services approves loans in minutes

Thuthukani Financial Services Loans

Thuthukani Financial Services approves loans in minutes

Clients are most vulnerable when they need financial assistance and need a financial institution that caters for their needs. When clients need money urgently, it’s important that they find the right institution that will assist them as fast and efficient as possible. Thuthukani Financial Services does exactly does, with 14 years in the money lending business and boasting a client base of over 100 000. Their network of over 40 branches in South Africa takes good care of their clients.

Applying for a short-term loan online is easy, fast and convenient. Clients don’t have to fill in any paperwork or wait long periods to be approved. Thuthukani Financial Services offers small loans from R500 to R2 000. The cash can be used for emergencies or paying off a debt, whichever way Thuthukani Financial Services will pay the money if the client qualifies.

All clients need to do is use the sliders on Thuthukani’s website to decide how much they want to borrow and how long they want it for. After completing the easy-to-follow application process, clients will receive a response in less than an hour, which is also all it takes for the client to get the money into their account. The whole process can take only five minutes and Thuthukani’s online services are transparent and straight forward.

Repayment of the loan is done in one instalment via debit order with affordable interest rates. Clients have a period of seven to 42 days to repay the loan. The client knows exactly how much they have to repay during their application. For more details about Thuthukani’s loans and other products, clients can call 012 804 1443. To apply online, clients can go to

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