Get instant payday loans from Wanna Loan

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Get instant payday loans from Wanna Loan

Running out of cash during the month can be very problematic and waiting for payday seems endless. People may need to pay for household needs, transport or other basic needs. It’s convenient to get a loan that will not tie one up in monthly instalments, especially if one cannot afford them. An instant payday loan is ideal in such situations because people can repay it on their next pay day.

Wanna Loan offers easy and quick same day payday loans of R500 to R3000. Clients can repay the loan plus interest on their next pay day. The online application is secure and completely paperless to ensure that clients get the money as quickly as possible. Loans repaid in the first five days are completely interest free and clients can get paid out in an hour.

The application process only takes a few minutes, by completing the online application form in three easy steps; clients can get the money in their accounts in no time. Clients who are blacklisted are also assisted, provided they meet Wanna Loan’s personal requirements. Once clients have repaid their existing loan with Wanna Loan, they can qualify for another loan.

To apply for an instant payday loan from Wanna Loan customers can visit For more information customers can call 0861 189 200.

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