MasterCard Credit Card is convenient and safe

MasterCard Credit Card is convenient and safe

Carrying cash around is not ideal for everyone hence most people find it better to cash their cards purchases. However this can be an inconvenience when a card is not accepted at some locations. Luckily owning a MasterCard credit card does not limit people. The MasterCard credit card can be used at over 33 locations worldwide for the customers’ convenience.

Customers’ transactions are billed to their accounts once a month at their respective banks. Applying for a MasterCard credit card is easy; customers choose the card that suits their needs and apply for it at their bank. Different types of credit cards include Standard MasterCard, Gold MasterCard, Titanium MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard, World MasterCard and World Elite Master Card.

Using a MasterCard is convenient and safe, plus it means no more carrying cash around. Some of the benefits of using a MasterCard include a MasterCard SecureCode which protects the customer against unauthorised use of their card. MasterCard Contactless means that customers can use their cards at selected locations where they make purchases of under R200 by use of a device obtainable at their card issuer.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of using their MasterCard anywhere around the world where they see a MasterCard sign. A Maestro card can also be used at ATM and retail stores anywhere in the world where customers see a Maestro sign. The debit card is linked to the customer’s current account at their bank.

Customers can also get a MasterCard PrePaid card which they can use at participating retail stores and online. The best way to load funds on the MasterCard PrePaid card is by direct deposit from the customer’s salary. To apply for a MasterCard credit card, customers can go to any of the listed issuers or banks in South Africa. For more details and other benefits and products offered by MasterCard, customers can visit

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