Get a tailor made loan from African Bank

Get a tailor made loan from African Bank

Funds are not always available to people when they need them. This can cause distress in a person’s life because as the saying goes, ‘money talks’. When people find themselves in a tight spot and needing funds urgently, they can rely on a financial institution such as African Bank. Popular in South Africa, African Bank has a large clientele that is served in the most efficient way possible and at reduced costs.

African bank assists businesses and individuals needing funds and they are famous for quick approval and payouts. These loans are tailor made for their clients, therefore ensuring that clients don’t drown in debt. Their wide range of loan products mean that clients have options to choose the package they are comfortable with.

Clients can apply for a quick three month short-term loan of up to R2 500 which is immediately accessible. A Prime Loan of up to R20 000 with a repayment period of up to 18 months is offered at a prime interest rate which is fixed at the time of application. This means when the prime interest rate changes, the client’s repayments will not be affected.

Clients can also get personal loans from R500 to R150 000 with flexible repayment periods of between three and 60 months. Instalments are fixed so that clients will be able to budget and debit order repayments are done for the client’s convenience. For clients wishing to get rid of chunks of debt and save money, the African Bank consolidation loan is the way to go. Clients can repay the loan in a period of 18 to 60 months.

To qualify for an African Bank loan clients need to be over the age of 18 and be permanently employed. Clients will also need to furnish African Bank with their ID, bank statements and proof of income and residence. For the client’s peace of mind, African Bank also offers insurance in case of tragedies such as death, disability and retrenchment.

To apply clients can visit their nearest African Bank branch, call 0861 000 351, or online at

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