Start a business with Nedbank Small Business Loans

Nedbank Small Business Loans

Start a business with Nedbank Small Business Loans

Nedbank Small Business Loans – Starting a business is very exciting yet scary at the same time. Having a great idea that needs to be put into practice is not enough without the start-up capital. Unfortunately not many aspiring entrepreneurs have the collateral to secure a loan to start up their business and turn the magnificent idea into a reality. Nedbank has a great offer that helps entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

Businesses that are only starting operations or have been operating for less than two years can take advantage of the great offer. The Nedbank Small Business Loans will help entrepreneurs to set up their businesses, pay for expenses and realise their dream. Small business loans from Nedbank start at a minimum of R100 000 and entrepreneurs can enjoy amazing perks that come with it.

Small businesses will get unlimited cheques from their own cheque books, unlimited internet banking, unlimited cash deposits and unlimited debit orders. This offer from Nedbank could also save businesses up to R60 000 in bank charges in their first year of operation. It also offers support in controlled overheads and adequate capitalisation which are important for any new business.

The offer is also valid for franchises. Nedbank is doing its part with the tough economy that South Africa finds itself in. Jobs are scarce and graduates have nowhere to turn. This great offer from Nedbank will also make sure that graduates can fulfil their dreams and not waste their potential.

Entrepreneurs can discuss their aspirations with a specialist banker that shares their passion for business by visiting their nearest Nedbank branch. They can also call Nedbank’s Specialist Unit on 011 630 2134, 012 326 4711, 021 412 3463 or 031 300 5818. Alternatively they can visit Nedbank’s website at

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