Get easy convenient loan from Elite Loans

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Get easy convenient loan from Elite Loans

Having financial difficulties comes to everyone at a certain point in their lives. It’s important to find that right institution that will assist financial when this tough time approaches. Elite Loans specializes in short-term loans that help people pay for urgent expenditure. They are reliable and credible and their loans are designed to meet individual financing needs and repayment convenience.

Elite offers personal loans between R300 and R8 000; with repayment periods extended over six months. Their excellence in customer service and swift approval process means that clients need to not worry about red tape. Clients with a healthy credit record can apply and once their credit reports are checked, instant electronic payments are made.

Elite’s primary objective is to revolutionize the credit industry, providing a range of loans to the historically un-banked masses, utilizing state of the art information technology. The program utilised by Elite is data base structured, user-friendly and complies with the General Accepted Accounting Practice and the New Credit Act.

Elite puts their clients’ convenience first which is why clients have the option to choose ECS or salary deduction for repayment of Elite’s personal loans. After clients submit their application documents a credit check and registration will be done, loan will be processed, electronic payment system/salary deduction will be activated and electronic payments will be made to clients.

Clients can visit one of Elite’s 18 branches in South Africa to apply for a personal loan or call 011 475 7705. By visiting clients can also apply for a personal loan and get more details on Elite and other products on offer.

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