Bridge Loans close the financial gap with short-term loans

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Bridge Loans close the financial gap with short-term loans

There is always a need for money in people’s lives and unfortunately their income and expenditure don’t always add up. The accessibility of short-term loans thus becomes important so that people can make ends meet. Bridge Loans’ mission is to make short-term loans more accessible wealth creation more attainable.

With over two decades in the money lending business Bridge Loans provides members of the public with life changing opportunities that make credit more accessible. Their product range not only meets the changing market demands but has also been structured to be affordable. South Africans can now take advantage of these offers and bridge the financial gap.

Clients can take out a loan with Bridge Loans and depending on the maintenance of the loan, can be granted a further loan. To apply for a loan, clients must provide Bridge Loans with a copy of their ID, bank statement and payslip. A credit check will be conducted and an affordability assessment will be performed as part of the application process. This will also determine the amount that the client qualifies for as well as the repayment period.

Advanced encryption technology ensures that the clients’ information is safe. Applying for a Bridge loan is easy, clients can do so online, calling their contact centre and speaking to a telesales consultant or via their cell phone. To contact Bridge Loans, clients can call 086 111 5044, e-mail or by visiting

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