6 Tips to Memorize Before Your Next Flight

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kagisano loans

Get financial relief from Kagisano Loans

Life can be very unpredictable and out of the blue, people can find themselves in a financial crisis. It helps if there are financial institutions that will help regardless of people’s circumstances. Kagisano Loans is one such institution that offers financial relief to people who need it, in the form of short-term loans.

Kagisano Loans offers unsecured loans from R3 000 to R60 000 with easy payment plans of up to five years. Clients don’t need to worry about penalties if they settle their debt earlier than agreed. The money can come in handy for clients when they need to pay rent, doctor’s bills or their child’s school fees, renovate their house, buy a car or go on holiday.

Kagisano Loans offers loans with reasonable interest rates that beat owning a credit card. The flexible repayments mean that clients can budget and enjoy their lives without being swamped in debt. Clients wishing to apply for a personal loan from Kagisano Loans must be permanently employed South African citizens who are above age.

Kagisano Loans will need supporting documents such as payslip, proof of residence and bank statements. For a reliable and convenient short-term loan, clients can get in touch with Kagisano Loans to apply, get more information and find out more about the financial institution’s product offerings. Kagisano Loans can be reached on 014 592 6814 or

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