WesBank offers the best in vehicle finance

wesbank vehicle finance

WesBank offers the best in vehicle finance

Buying a car is unlike any other shopping; it involves numerous trips to dealerships, comparisons of various vehicles, models, makes, etc. Such an asset will need careful consideration as well as the right insurance and finance. Wetbank which is a trusted financial institution assists people who need vehicle assistance, whether they are buying from a dealership or privately.

Before approaching a dealership, it’s important that people who what they can and can’t afford and whether they qualify for a Wesbank vehicle finance. People applying for vehicle finance need to do so through a Wesbank-approved dealership and the vehicle must be over R30 000. People buying vehicles privately should not be from a dealer or manufacturer but from a person. The vehicle should be worth R30 000 or more, less than 20 years and not be stolen or recovered.

People applying for vehicle finance must be over the age of 18, South African citizens or permanent residents, have a valid South African of international drivers’ license, have a clear credit record and earn a minimum of R6 000 per month. When applying people must furnish Wesbank with ID or passport number, details of the vehicle they wish to buy, contact information, employment, banking, home ownership and spouse’s details, as well as a summary of their monthly income and expenditure.

Application online is easy and quick, once approved Wesbank will contact the applicant for further information about their dealer of choice. Once the applicant has finalised their transaction with the dealer Wesbank will hand over approved finance application and contract to the dealer. The buyer will need to comprehensively insure the vehicle before it’s released to them.

If buying privately Wesbank will contact the seller upon approval to agree on the sale and also ask for certain documentation from the seller and buyer. The agreement is voice lodged and a Wesbank representative will meet with the buyer to complete the process. Wesbank then pays the seller and takes care of the buyer’s new licensing and registration details.

People can apply online at www.wesbank.co.za or call 0861 137 137.

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