Maricha Brits Attorneys assists clients pay the right instalment

Maricha Brits Attorneys

Maricha Brits Attorneys assists clients pay the right instalment

Sometimes people fall behind on their debts, this not only reflects badly on their credit scores but they have to pay a penalty in the form of interest and other fees. These fees can take people back financially as they have to then pay money that take them completely out of their budget. Usually when people have to catch up on their payments they don’t always know what fees they are paying for, over and above their instalment including interest.

It’s important to know that people are not being taken for a ride and paying fees that they are not liable for. A debt negotiation attorney is the right person to assist people in such instances. Maricha Brits Attorneys offers excellent services in a debt negotiation with their team of professional attorneys. People who feel like they are being ripped off with excessive legal fees; whether collection charges or interest can rely on Maricha Brits Attorneys’ expertise.

Maricha Brits Attorneys investigates outstanding accounts/debts and any possible over-charging on behalf of their clients. They also negotiate possible reduced settlement amounts with their clients’ creditors to ensure that their clients don’t pay excess monthly instalments that they cannot afford. This also enables clients to save money and be able to live comfortably.

People must not wait too long to seek assistance and where Maricha Brits Attorneys can assist, factors such as who the clients’ creditors are, how recent their debt is and when last clients made payment or admitted liability. To get a free assessment, clients can call 011 868 3553/084 767 0833/083 408 0230 or e-mail For more of Maricha Brits Attorneys’ services clients can visit Formal consultations can be made at Maricha Attorneys’ offices in Alberton, by appointment only.

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