Mobilechoice cell phone contracts for blacklisted people

Mobilechoice cell phone contracts for blacklisted people

Being blacklisted makes life a misery as it is almost impossible to get credit anywhere. Loans get constantly declined, accounts cannot be opened and one can’t even get a cell phone contract. With technology taking over and phones becoming the new purses and man bags, cell phones have fast become more than a means of communication. They have also become accessories and can be very deep on the pocket.

One way that has made owning a fancy cell phone easy is contracts. Not only can people get one without paying thousands up font but cell phone contracts have become extremely ideal and convenient. Mobilechoice thus provide cell phone contracts to people who can’t obtain them through normal channels due to their blacklisted status.

By working with renowned cell phone companies such as Cell C, MTN and Vodacom, Mobilechoice provides cell phone contracts to blacklisted people. This way, blacklisted people can also take advantage of lower airtime rates through the contracts. Clients get a stipulated amount of airtime monthly; once that is exhausted they are able to top up their account. This way, clients will keep in line with their budget and not worry about getting outrageous bills at the end of the month.

Packages offered by Mobilechoice are evaluated according to the client’s current income, making sure that the client can afford monthly repayments. All cell phone contracts run for 24 months and clients have an option of top-up or full contract.

To qualify for a contract cell phone from Mobilechoice applicants must be 18 years of age or older, be permanently employed with a valid South African ID and bank account. Supporting documents needed during application include proof of income and residence, bank statement and copy of ID.

To contact Mobilechoice clients can call 086 110 1724 or 086 111 2889, e-mail or, or visit

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