Personal loans from Ubank can save the day

Personal loans from Ubank

Personal loans from Ubank can save the day

Personal loans from Ubank – There comes a point in every individual’s life when they need money urgently, usually because of unforeseen expenses or just mid-month blues. It helps to know that there is a financial institution that understands such situations and helps people in need of a financial boost. Ubank has developed flexible personal loans to assist individuals who need cash urgently.

For up to R80 000 people can get Personal loans from Ubank with up to 60 months to pay. The amount that clients qualify for, interest rate and repayment period are all based on the clients’ credit profile. Ubank will do a credit check on the clients to ensure that they have a healthy credit record and can afford the loan. Based on their findings Ubank will approve the client and make payment which clients will have access to from their Ubank account.

To apply for Personal loans from Ubank, Ubank will need two contact numbers from the client, one belonging to the client and the other to the client’s relative. The client needs to be between the ages of 18 and 65, in possession of a bar-coded South African ID or passport and must be permanently employed. The clients’ monthly installment is made up of the capital loan, once-off initiation fee, monthly service fee and a credit life assurance premium.

The client will need to furnish Ubank with a three months bank statement which includes their account number (for non-Ubank clients), latest original proof of residence and proof of residence not older than three months. A list of the client’s expenses is also be required as well as a written consent from the client’s spouse if the client is married in community of property.

To get in touch with Ubank clients can call 086 000 8322, speak to a sales consultant at their nearest Ubank branch or visit

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