Get more with an Edgars account

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Get more with an Edgars account

When one opens a retail or clothing store account, all that’s expected is buying dozens of clothes and shoes, maybe even cell phone or bedding. However Edgars is different compared to most retail stores. As an Edgars account holder customers get more than they bargained for. Edgars offers a range of products that are helpful to their customers as well as their families.

Opening an Edgars account can get customers shopping vouchers of up to R1 000 with interest free instalments of six months. Customers can also enjoy shopping at anyone of Edgars’ affiliates to buy anything their hearts desire. It does not end there as Edgars is not only about shopping but they also think about the future of their customers and offer a range of products to ensure that their customers are never left stranded when hard times hit.

Edgars offers an Account Protection Plan of up to R26 000 to pay outstanding balances in the case of customers’ death, retrenchment or disability. Edgars also offers a Personal and Family Accident Plan of up to R150 000 from as little as R23 a month. Customers can get a Personal Funeral Plan of up to R20 000 from as little as R22.50 per month and a R5 000 Parent Funeral Plan (per parent and in-law). Family Funeral Plan of up to R50 000 from R42.50 as well as a Family Provider Plan of up to R42 000 from R17 ensures that their customers’ families are well looked after. From as little as R70.50 per month, customers can get Life Cover of up to R500 000.

For their health, customers can get Hospital Cash Back of up to R800 per day, Dental Accident Plan for R35 per month per individual or R90 per month for a family and Dental Health Plan for R55 per month per individual or R110 per month for a family. Edgars Legal Insurance offers the best services from the best attorneys with cover for up to R100 000 from as little as R39. Customers can also protect their most prized possessions through Edgars Home Protect, Motor and Household and Cell phone/Gadget Insurance.

To open an account to take advantage of these amazing products and benefits of being an Edgars’ account holder, people can apply in-store at their nearest Edgars or online at Alternatively customers can call 0860 555 334 or SMS ‘call me’ to 42934.

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