Be debt free with National Debt Advisors

National Debt Advisors

Be debt free with National Debt Advisors

Being in debt is very stressful and sometimes people wonder how they let it get that far. There is always the constant worry of not having enough money to pay for all the monthly bills and creditors always calling about money. Unfortunately a lot of South Africans find themselves in huge debts because they missed some payments, which results in them having a bad credit record. National Debt Advisors pride themselves in helping people manage their debt better and eventually be debt free.

Through debt counselling and management, National Debt Advisors help hundreds of South Africans on a daily basis to get out of debt. People’s debt has become an economic burden, an excess of nine million South Africans who have fallen into debt by missing payments with their creditors. National Debt Advisors aims to assist its customers to be debt free in 24-60 months. During that period clients will have no access to additional loans but will however enjoy the benefit of reduced monthly repayments with no calls from creditors, and be protected against blacklisting.

National Debt Advisors can reduce their clients’ monthly bills by up to 60% by merging their clients’ debt into one monthly payment; decreasing interest costs and helping clients manage their debt. Clients don’t deal their creditors as National Debt Advisors does that on clients’ behalf in an effort to find easy payment options for clients. Clients can also get free advice as well as national coverage throughout South Africa with the personal service of National Debt Advisors, which is also easy to understand.

Clients know instantly whether National Debt Advisors will be able to assist them or not. There is no upfront payment required and clients also get a free debt assessment. For more information or to get a free debt assessment clients can fill in the online call-ball request form on or call 021 007 1688/012 007 0080/087 985 0719. National Debt Advisors’ team of expert consultants gladly assist clients on a daily basis and all debt advisors are fully qualified and compliant with the National Credit Regulator.

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