Forget financial blues and get a Sanlam Personal Loan

Sanlam Personal Loan

Forget financial blues and get a Sanlam Personal Loan

Sanlam Personal Loan – It can be very frustrating when people have to take care of emergencies and there are no funds to do so. They need a trusted financial institution that can assist them during this difficult time. Such an institution is Sanlam that helps South Africans on a daily basis. Sanlam is an authorised financial services provider that complies with National Credit Act’s regulations.

People in financial need can get loans of up to R150 000 to pay for unexpected expenses, medical emergencies, a wedding or a holiday. Sanlam offers loans according to their customers’ needs and circumstances, hence credit checks and affordability assessments are conducted to ensure that customers are able to repay their loans. The final loan amount which is subject to credit approval will be based on the customer’s financial profile at the time of application.

Loans are offered at a fixed interest rate so that customers pay the same instalment amount on a monthly basis, ensuring that they are also able to budget better. Customers can enjoy flexible repayment periods of up to 60 months. To apply for a Sanlam loan, customers must be at least 18 years of age, permanently employed with a monthly salary of at least R2 500 and permanently work and live in South Africa. Customers must be able to provide ID number and bank account details into which their salary is deposited.

Customer must provide three months’ bank statements, proof of income and residence as well as a valid South African ID. Self-employed customers are also welcome to apply and must provide proof of income. Applying for a Sanlam personal loan is easy and customers can apply at their nearest Sanlam branch, online or by calling Sanlam.

For more details on Sanlam’s personal loan and other services on offer customers can visit, call 0861 080 888 or fill in the online call-me-back form.

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