Bidvest Bank Loans help to keep Businesses Running

Bidvest Bank Loans help to keep Businesses Running

Bidvest Bank Loans – For businesses to keep going on a daily basis they need money, to pay employees, for the day-to-day operations of the business or to inject more capital. Businesses can go through ups and downs, and especially depending on market fluctuations. For this reason, they also need financing that is tailored to meet their short-term and long-term goals and financial needs.

Bidvest Bank offers a range of products to help ensure that businesses stay afloat. The loans offered by Bidvest Bank can be used for a business’ medium or long term goals. The asset-based finance and business loans help build strong relations between Bidvest Bank and their clients. Bidvest Bank offers working capital loans for their clients’ day-to-day operational expenses.

Applications at Bidvest Bank are viewed case-by-case giving each client the attention they deserve. Repayments are structured to meet the clients’ individual needs, with competitive interest rates. Bidvest Bank considers loan applications based on their clients’ financial standing and credit worthiness. Facilities are reviewed by Bidvest Bank every year and standard credit criteria apply.

Clients can also take advantage of Bidvest Bank’s asset-based finance which includes full maintenance leasing to cover unforeseen maintenance on their clients’ vehicles, rental finance, instalment sale finance, commercial property finance and medical equipment finance to fund equipment and technology for medical professionals.

Clients must submit supporting company documents such as financial statements. Clients can apply online by visiting or fill in the online call-me-back request form and a consultant will call them back. Clients can also call 0860 11 11 77 or visit one of Bidvest Bank’s 100 branches for further details.

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